Our Highly reliable equipment for the
transformation, control, and measurement of energy
Products Our products Highly reliable equipment for the
transformation, control, and measurement
of energy

Transformers for
Solar Applications

Rymel brand transformers for solar applications are designed with high safety margins, using high-quality materials and through certified manufacturing processes (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and BASC).

Low Voltage Current

Low voltage CT current transformers are equipment that allows the reduction of high current levels in the network to low, non-dangerous and proportional levels that can be managed by metering equipment or by equipment intended for protection.


The switchgear boxes are equipment used to section, make derivations, and carry out maneuver operations, in medium voltage lines of underground systems, they can be of the Pedestal type or of the submersible type.

Type Transformers

Rymel´s line of dry transformers offers highly reliable equipment, which are used for the distribution of electrical energy in buildings, shopping centers, hospitals, and those places where high fire safety is required. There are three types of dry-types transformers:

*Dry transformers with encapsulated winding class F
*Dry transformers with open windings class H
*Low-low voltage class H

Transformadores Secos
Encapsulados Clase F

Los transformadores de tipo seco encapsulados son cada vez más requeridos para ser instalados en edificios de concurrencia pública como: centros comerciales o industriales, túneles, hospitales, aeropuertos y estadios, gracias a su seguridad, confiabilidad, bajos costos de operación y mínimo mantenimiento.

Conventional and Self-protected

Conventional transformers are used in the power distribution process and allow the amplitude of the voltage to be reduced, to obtain a safe and reliable amount of electrical energy.


Equipment designed to read the consumption of electrical energy to residential, single-phase, two-phase, and three-phase users.

Pad Mounted Transformers

The Pad-Mounted transformers are equipment used in underground distribution systems, installed on a base or concrete slab called ¨pedestal¨. They are used for residential applications, shopping centers, buildings, and hotels, among others, and in general in those cases in which, for safety, space, or aesthetics power supply is required with shielded medium voltage underground dry cable.

Instrument transformers for
medium voltage

Measurement transformers allow the high voltage and current levels of the medium voltage network to be reduced to low, non-dangerous and proportional levels that can be managed by the measurement equipment.


The Rymel brand line of submersible transformers offers highly reliable equipment for use in underground installations subject to flooding. These transformers are capable of operating in a chamber or vault subject to flooding.

Ecológicos de alta

Los transformadores ecológicos de alta eficiencia marca Rymel, se utilizan en el proceso de distribución de energía y permiten obtener ahorros económicos durante su funcionamiento, al mismo tiempo que aportan al cuidado del medio ambiente.