Integral Management Policy

Rymel Ingeniería Eléctrica S.A.S., in coherence with its organizational context, its strategic direction, and to achieve the sustainable development of the company, is committed to:

Develop and strengthen the competence and suitability of its human capital, to ensure the achievement of organizational objectives.

Permanently seek to satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers and stakeholders.

Work for the continuous improvement of its processes through the Integral Management System and the allocation of the necessary human, physical and financial resources.

Protect the environment, and prevent and control environmental pollution through the sustainable use of resources.

Promote healthy and safe work environments.

Prevent and control the occurrence of accidents and occupational diseases in employees, contractors, and visitors.

Maintain the integrity of processes and prevent the occurrence of illicit activities, acts of corruption, and bribery.

Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes.




DATE: September 21st, 2021